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MUCAI Academy Communicable Disease  and Safety Policies

Classes and activities are open for in-person participation. Please refer to our guidelines to plan for your return. 


Communicable Disease Guidelines

  • Wear masks when indoors (when advised by the local health department). This may be waived by teachers in classrooms with fully open windows. If not advised by the local health department, masks are optional.

  • Stay home for at least 5 days if ill with persistant cough, fever (100.4), chills, sneezing, or two or more other symptoms of communicable disease, you test positive for Covid-19 (even without symptoms) AND after testing negative for Covid-19 (on three consecutive days for at Home tests or a single PCR test) AND after symptoms have gone away for at least 24 hours with no medication.

  • Wait  5 days if returning from out of the country, before entering the studio.

Tips for the coughing season:

Many people often hold on to coughs long after illness is gone or have upper respiratory disorders which cause them to cough for reasons not related to illness.  This can become worse once they start to exercise. If you have verified that you/your are/is not ill (required), but cough persists, please wear masks to the studio.

We have plenty of extra masks for those who don't want to wear a wet mask after coughing or sneezing into it. Cough suppressants, given an hour before class starts can help get them through the class, as well. If you/your child cannot or will not wear a mask with a persistant cough, please stay home, as it is impossible for us to know whether or not it is contagious, even after being seen by a doctor, and coughing is still the best way to spread a contagion.

Guns and other weapons, concealed or otherwise, are not allowed in or around MUCAI Academy studios or event venues. All members and visitors must sign a waiver committing to refraining from bringing guns into MUCAI Academy.

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